John Golden and the Lawrence Strike

In Lawrence, when the starving masses struck for more to eat And wooden-headed Wood tried the strikers to defeat, To Sammy Gompers wrote and asked him what he thought, And this is just the answer that the mailman brought :


A little talk A little talk with Golden Makes it all right, all right; He’ll settle any strike, If there’s coin enough in sight; Just take him up to dine And everything is fine — A little talk with Golden Makes it right, all right. The preachers, cops and money-kings were working hand in hand, The boys in blue, with stars and stripes were sent by Uncle Sam; Still things were looking blue ’cause every striker knew That weaving cloth with bayonets is hard to do.

John Golden had with Mr. Wood a private interview, He told him how to bust up the « I double double U. » He came out in a while and wore the Golden smile. He said: « I’ve got all labor leaders skinned a mile. »

John Golden pulled a bogus strike with all his « pinks and stools. » He thought the rest would follow like a bunch of crazy fools. But to his great surprise the « foreigners » were wise, In one big solid union they were organized.

Refrain final

That’s one time Golden did not Make it right, all right; In spite of all his schemes The strikers won the fight. When all the workers stand United hand in hand, The world with all its wealth Shall be at their command.